Do more, do better and always do good.

Our organization is proudly rooted in a long history of corporate social responsibility and sustainable practices. We constantly challenge the way we work to ensure we’re doing more than we have to, we’re doing what’s right.


We’re committed to responsibly addressing the environmental impact of our business.

Our corporate headquarters in Jersey City, NJ was designed and built according to the leading benchmarks in energy and environmental design.

Our Innovation Center in Sri Lanka is the first passive house design in Southeast Asia, leveraging a rigorous set of design principles focused on energy efficiency.


We pride ourselves in our Komar Code of Conduct and long history of exceptional ethical and business standards which our vendors, suppliers, and licensees are also held accountable to. We have dedicated compliance teams who monitor and educate every facility we work with.


tolerance for abuse and discriminination


teams dedicated to ensuring compliance


At Komar, we care about our local and global communities.


volunteer hours


garments donated

“We are committed to giving back to our communities and believe that as an organization we should use our broad scope of resources to support responsible non-profit initiatives.”

— charlie komar

Each year we work with qualified charities to provide volunteering opportunities for our team members, employee fundraising matching as well as monetary and product donations.