Creating a culture of environmentally friendly practices within our organization is not only vital to the future of our business, but also to the future of our planet. Our top three sustainability strategies include:

1.  Calculating manufacturer’s carbon footprints via scorecards

2.  Analyzing methods to reduce consumption of resources

3. Utilizing environmentally friendly fibers and textiles and reducing upstream (factory) consumption of resources

We work to reduce our environmental impact throughout every level of our organization allowing us to build a reputation as a company firmly committed to green initiatives. We are dedicated to being a responsible worldwide organization, promoting fair employment practices and commitment to the global community. We strongly believe in helping local communities through charitable giving and volunteerism.

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Komar at a Glance

  • Plans to decrease electricity usage by three percent to reduce greenhouse gases

  • 310 tons of cardboard is recycled annually

  • 20 tons of metal is recycled each year